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2012/08/22 Updated

Metal & Resin products

Our large variety of products, our know-how and the long-term partnership with associated companies allow us to support wide range in volume of metal/plastic production. Our products cover small size products including auto parts, vehicle, fuel cell parts and bigger size products including building materials and ornamental materials.

Machining products

We provide the service to manufacture any general and precision products of any materials in order to respond to demand of all industry.

  • Machining process
  • NC process

Plate working materials

Our support begins from drawing (sketch/CAD drawing), and continues on material search, plate working/sheet metal working (cutting/ piercing/ bending/ punching/ squeezing/ welding/ finishing) to distribution for any quantity and any material.

  • Laser process
  • Press work
  • Forming work

Resin molding products

We provide injection molding and cutting/ piercing/ machine processing for any materials including Nylon, polycarbonate, DURACON, and other imported materials as needed.

  • Injection molding


We process thin sheets of stainless steel/nickel and this process eliminates burr compared to the other methods.

  • Etching products

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