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2012/08/22 Updated

Functional Materials

The examination must start at the material level for product improvement and new product development. We support production with providing various functional materials, combination products and treatment services that meet various needs.

Film/Thin film production

We provide roll-to-roll films and metal film making and film application of small diameter wafers.

  • Evaporation materials
  • Make-to-order films
  • Metal films
  • Resin films
  • ITO film samples

Powder products

Our products include the ultimate fine powder, "nanopowder", porous materials, powder with the large surface areas.

  • Nanopowder
  • Metal fine powder
  • Electricity-conducting powder

Metal fiber

Adding of flexibility enables the fabrication of stainless steel in the similar method to the ones of organic fibers while the material property is retained.

  • Metal fiber (NASLON)

Shape-memory alloy

Special Nickel-Titanium alloy recovers their initial shape when they are heated after having been plastically deformed. A large variety of products from wire materials to springs is available with their property data.

  • Shape-memory alloy


Coated materials are available such as semi-conductor that changes electrical property and magnetooptic films that controls wavelength.

  • Ionic plating
  • Sputtering

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