Mikuni Smelting & Refining Factory

2013/01/10 Updated

Zinc Alloy & Special Alloy

At Mikuni Smelting & Refining factory, we produce several kinds of zinc alloys and special alloys. These alloys are used as a additive agent to shorten the time of composition control and of compounding to improve the efficiency remakably.


High frequency furnace: 1 unit
Gas furnace: 4 units


  • Zinc Nickel Alloy 10kg~300kg per ingot
  • Zinc Antimony Alloy 10kg per ingot
  • Other alloys

As experiment, we can produce the other special alloys correspond with
customer's requirement. About the details, please contact us.

Tokyo Branch: 4-12-20 Nihonbashi honmachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, Japan
Phone: 81-3-5643-1743(main)
Facsimile: 81-3-5643-1923

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