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2012/08/22 Updated

Yamanaka Group

Kansai Tube Co., Ltd.

We manufacture the tubes to meet the needs from customers under the certain quality control and technologies of developing the products with a variegated function and novel design, as well as the new and powerful installations for various processing and inspection which we have in order to meet the needs of the new times.

Kanto Bunkiki Co., Ltd.

We have built up the excellent products with precision technologies and confidence based on our technologies and experience in producing the biggest one of the 38th railroad switch. We are actively engaged in not only the new technologies actively but also the inspection and the aftercare of the quality as visiting customer's site.

Guangdong Mikuni Antimony Industries Co.,Ltd.

In 1991, we ware established in Guangdong, China. We manufacture antimony trioxide, and aim at the product making with competitive edge based on certain quality.

Guangzhou Yamanaka Trading Co., Ltd.

We trade interior trade and import & export trade in China, and we are actively engaged in strengthening the business infrastructure in China's markets keeping to growing up.