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2012/08/22 Updated

Materials for Electronics Industries & Precision Processing

Computers are existence not to be able to lack now in all industries. We handle most of the electronic industry materials including compound semiconductors. We offer a solution rapidly to your wide range of the needs in the electronics field, for contributing to the development of industries.

High Purity Metal Materials

Our products have the highest purity available at the current level of technology that we developed along with growing needs of higher purity of metals and chemicals used on electronics materials and their related products.

  • Ge
  • Sb

Rare Metals & Rare Earth

Rare metals and rare earth may improve the property of alloy. Our large variety meets various needs.

  • In
  • Ga
  • Nd
  • Ge

Crystalline Materials & Glass Materials

We provide substrates that are ranging from small diameter to big diameter for energy conversion between electricity and light/heat, and silicone materials for solar cells/semiconductor.

  • Si wafer

  • GaAs wafer
  • Ceramic substrates
  • Ga-As sticks/ rods

Thin film coating of substrates

Maximizing our film making techniques such as high density films and high adhesive films added with our flexibility; allow us to meet a wide range of needs of customers.

  • Sputtering target
  • Evaporation materials
  • Make-to-order films
  • Ionic plate treatment
  • Sputtering treatment

Base material treatment

Various methods are available such as blast, laser and ultrasound for substrate treatment.

  • Wire electric discharge
  • Surface treatment

Recycle Processing

We detach the films to reuse it and to recycle it.

  • Glass recycles
  • Crystal recycles
  • Grinding process-to-order
  • Etching
  • Blast finishing

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